Great stuff, uplifting music, beautiful voices, brilliant guitar, wow.

- Cornelius Bode, Venner Folk Frühling

This is straight-forward Swedish folk music with some jazzy overtones, lightbodied, leaving the Nordic melancholy behind. The impression is of a mid summer's night, full of vitality and joie de vivre.

- Tom Keller, FolkWorld 

Lyy reminds you what it is about Swedish folk music that is so appealing. The musicians are young, but have played together since 2006, so their sound is honed and tight. The band reminds me of Ranarim in their prime. They’re built around charismatic singer Emma Björling’s crystal clear, personable voice. Björling is also responsible for writing or researching much of the material the band performs. The group features both nyckelharpa (by David Eriksson) and violin (by Anna Lindblad), an unusual combination, and guitar (Petrus Johansson) and percussion (Martin Norberg). The opening two tracks, “Segertag” and “O hor I flicktor alla,” are as good as anything that’s come out of Sweden in years." "If you’ve grown bored with Celtic music (and haven’t we all?), and are looking for something new, exciting and modern, take a chance on this one. You won’t be disappointed.

- Jim Lee, Driftwood Magazine 

Fourteen tracks that make you smile due to the sheer enjoyment and energy in sound this band produces. What comes across is a ‘live’ sound that is not over-produced and well reflects personal arrangements of traditional material and self penned melodies and lyrics. Their music has a swinging flow and lift, taking a ‘Swedish sound’ to new levels. Lyy are a must see band

- Mats Melin, The Living Tradition Magazine 

A Lyy concert is the complete entertainment experience. They play beautiful traditional music, poke fun at themselves, and make friends in the process.

- Tim O’Brien, USA